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About CDMX

Mexico City is the political center of the country and the most important hub of innovation, generation of economic, cultural, gastronomic and social wealth of Mexico.

It is one of the leading metropolises in the world in regard to connectivity, both external and internal. The airport of the Mexico City can quickly connect you to your destination. Also, it has a magnificent infrastructure of hotel services, quality and attention for all budgets.

The Gastronomic offers more than 35,000 restaurants of all styles and levels, which have made it one of the most recommended cities to eat on the planet and the fourth city with the best gastronomy.

Mexico City is second amongst major cities with museums, architectural gems, magical neighborhoods, traditional colonies, archaeological sites, cultural heritage sites of humanity and modernity that make this great destination an incomparable place. History, its geographical location, infrastructure, climate, hospitality of the people and excellent cuisine are some of the main attractions that make Mexico City a unique place to meet. Contrast of culture, art and modernity.

These incredible offerings across a variety of areas, makes Mexico City one of the most visitable cities in the world... We are waiting for you!